Cold chain transport ( Cold-chain transportation ), refers to the whole process of transportation, loading and unloading, either change mode of transport, packaging equipment and other factors change, make goods always maintain a certain temperature transport. Cold chain transportation mode can be the road transport, water transport, rail transport, air transport, also can be a variety of transportation modes of integrated transport modes. Cold chain cold chain logistics transportation is an important link, cold chain transportation cost is high, and contains a complex mobile refrigeration and heat insulation box manufacturing technology, cold chain transport management involves more risks and uncertainties.
Haihe milk during transport milk at room temperature storage conditions to maintain constant temperature ( 10-30 ℃), pasteurized milk, yogurt products cold chain products storage and transport ( 2-6 ℃). In the handling and transportation process requires the civilization handling, light-light, avoid violent collision caused destruction.
Cold chain transportation requirements
①fast express. ②light light unloading. ③heat antifreeze. The smooth transportation. 3P, 3C, 3T, 3Q.
China discarded cankered food waste caused by each year to reach 70000000000 yuan, accounting for 20% of gross production of food. Some of the food in the transportation course due to long-term preservation and discarded. Experts say the waste phenomenon is mainly due to the lack of " cold chain " system caused by. Perishable goods transportation, except for a small part due to the way the care or vehicle discomfort caused death, most of which are caused by the decay of because of decay, reason, for animal food, mainly microbial action. For the plant foods, rotten is the main cause of respiratory effects induced by. Clear perishable cargo unsound reasons, we can draw the low temperature can inhibit microbial growth, slowed respiration, prolong the preservation of perishable goods for practical purposes.
Cold chain transportation process must rely on frozen or refrigerated and other special vehicles, frozen or refrigerated vehicles in addition to a group of the same body and mechanical truck outside in the car, must be extra set of frozen or refrigerated and insulated equipment. In the process of transportation with special attention to must be continuous cold, because the microbial activity and respiration are all with temperature rising and strengthen, if the transport links can not guarantee continuous cold storage conditions, then the goods is possible in this link begins to rot. During transportation, should according to the type of goods, shipping season, delivery of distance and transporting local determine transport method. In the process of transportation, to organize " door to door" direct transportation, improve transport speed, temperature must be in conformity with the provisions. In order to maintain the frozen goods frozen storage temperature, can be closely stacking, fruits, vegetables and other needs of ventilation and heat dispersion of the goods, must be made between the voids, to ensure that the goods are in good condition.
Cold chain transport requirements in, long-distance transportation and short-distance transport link in the state of low temperature distribution. It is mainly involved in railway refrigerated trucks, refrigerated vehicles, refrigerated ships, such as low temperature refrigerated container transportation. In the refrigerated transport process, temperature fluctuation is caused by the decline in the quality of goods is one of the main reasons, so transport should have good performance, while maintaining the low temperature at the same time, but also to maintain the stability of the temperature, long distance transportation is especially important. 
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