Tianjin city " assured milk " project officiall

On February 27, 2012, in Tianjin Haihe Dairy Company Limited plant hospital , Tianjin city assured milk project initiation ceremony to be held ceremoniously here . Tianjin City Vice Mayor Zhang Junfang

Haihe dairy is assured milk

1957 the Haihe River milk appeared in Jingu earth , has been more than 50 years, during feeding a generation after generation of Haihe River children , and Tianjin became indissoluble bound . For many

Haihe River Ranch from the source strict milk safet

Haihe milk is milk at ease is the commitment to be consistent from beginning to end Haihe dairy , milk source base is the guarantee of milk quality and safety of the source . Tianjin Haihe Dairy Compan

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