Haihe milk today more pure---

Tianjin Haihe Dairy Company Limited ( referred to as the Haihe dairy ) is located in Tianjin Beichen science and Technology Park, covers an area of about 200 acres, is a dairy farming, milk and dairy products of scientific research, production, training, marketing professionals as one of the modern joint-stock enterprises.

Haihe dairy in 2002 October formally put into production, a total investment of 230000000 yuan, all of the introduction of the world's advanced level of production equipment, daily fresh milk processing capacity of 480 tons, year of fresh milk processing capacity of 180000 tons, total production value amounts to 400000000 yuan, production scale ranks first in the same industry in tianjin.

Haihe dairy has passed ISO9001 and HACCP certification system. Is the China School Milk fixed-point production enterprise, the state's key agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, Tianjin city milkings enterprise only municipal technology center, Tianjin city of popular science education base. In 2004 through the first batch of Tianjin city Haihe milk dairy industry food security access authentication.

Haihe dairy currently has a professional state-owned farm 18, a total of 20000 purebred Holstein dairy cattle feeding. The company's various milk source bases have all closed breeding and mechanized milking, were awarded the certification of green food, pollution-free milk source base certification and international standard quality management system certification. The quality of raw milk, the domestic first-class, unique green, pollution-free milk source advantage, as the Chinese dairy industry 's arrogance arrogance.


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